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May. 9th, 2008



Land:Fire. Live. Terra Incendium, Moscow 09.11.2006

watch in high quality</div>

Feb. 12th, 2008


Invisible-War.Net Preview

Here's the beta version for a project I've been working on for the past few months. This will be the new home of Chaos Sedated, complete with functional RSS feeds for both the website and the podcast. I'm still awaiting news from the iTunes Music Store as to CS being available there. The last 4 episodes are available via the streaming music player or download (just right click on the episode in the player). More archived playlists and articles are in the works.

Give it a try and comment with any suggestions.


Nov. 20th, 2007


ETERNAL PRIDE PRODUCTIONS presents: SVASTI-AYANAM – «Sanklesa» DIGI-CD [by Peter Andersson]

Svasti-ayanam is Peter Andersson's foray into dark, Tibetan-Nepalese ambience. Andersson is well known for his work as Raison D'etre, Atomine Elektrine etc. In this incarnation, his signature Raison D'etre sound has
been modified in an incredibly pronounced, and effective way. Sanklesa is marked by strong tribal rhythms that draw the listener into distant, foreign, ritual soundscapes. Andersson has released a prolific catalogue of music, that includes many CD's, limited vinyl and countless compilation appearances. Album incl. 2 exlusive bonus-tracks.
http://www.eternalpride.ru / eternalpride@rambler.ru

Oct. 25th, 2007


Chaos Sedated Episode 70

Now available from Radio Free Satan:

Episode 70 / Week of 21 October 07 / Featuring new music from Naevus and Love is Nothing. Includes some favorites from Shinjuku Thief, Controlled Bleeding, Z'ev, Nadja, and more.

Episode 69 Playlist:

Beyond Sensory Experience - Mute Conclusion
Post Scriptvm - Ruins of Men
Land:Fire - Heating
Sophia - Condescension
The Alison Project - Just Rage
Navicon Torture Technologies - Evil Never Recedes
IRM - Aktion Anthem
Martin Bladh - Study for a Theater of Cruelty II
Goatvargr - Droning Hades
Steel Hook Prostheses - Eye of the Beholder
Deutsch Nepal - Blowjob Parasite
November Novelet - Fear

Oct. 17th, 2007


Chaos Sedated Episode 69

New episode of Chaos Sedated is available on Radio Free Satan


Episode 69 / Week of 14 October 07 / Classic tracks from November Novelet, Steel Hook Prostheses, IRM, and Sophia. New music from Deutsch Nepal, Navicon Torture Technologies, Martin Bladh, and Land:Fire.

Oct. 7th, 2007



VARGR – «Wehrmacht Satanas» [by lord Nordvargr] CD
PENITENT – «Among The Sleepless» CD
TOROIDH – «The Final Testament» [by kamrat Nordvargr] CD
KARNA – «Haunted» [Age of Destruction] CD


VARGR - Wehrmacht Satanas [by lord Nordvargr]
The name of Henrik Nordvargr Bj?rkk has always been associated to the power of Swedish Black Industrial which has always been linked to MZ. 412 for many years. As a part of MZ. 412, Nordvargr first managed to combine black and post-industrial aesthetics. But VARGR is even a more diabolic, blasphemous and terrifying cocktail of the real Scandinavian black metal of the early 1990s and the noise post-industrial layers which create the atmosphere of real Evil, Death, Chaos and Destruction in their impious graciousness. An unholy communion summoned to create the soundtrack for all wars to come. Bow to the Northern Wolf!

PENITENT – «Among The Sleepless»
The newest album by a legendary Norwegian project launched in the middle 1990s which has now become cult. Orchestral and gloomy Ambient together with majestic martial motives.

TOROIDH – «The Final Testament» [by kamrat Nordvargr]
TOROIDH is a cult project by a Swedish genius Henrik Nordvargr Bj?rkk aka MZ. 412, Folkstorm, Incinerator International etc. It an esoteric and obscure interpretation of a performance of the World War Two majestic in its idea. The deepest and atmospheric martial-mystery. Death veiled by the cover of militarism. CD including 8-pages booklet, painted in colours of World Wars.

KARNA – «Haunted» [Age of Destruction]
ot everyone follows the Blood Path...
not everyone of them returns from Coma...
almost nobody comes out alive from the Industrial Zones of the Darkness..
to the portal, leads to the Temple of Dead God...
whose altars are for the cultivating of the Flesh Sowing...
and the only one thing will stay Sacred...
and Harvest will approach for everyone …

…and everyone will get its…

…cold post industrial pulsations, freezing ambient passages and explosive military rhythms... musical shapes mimicry and hide in a secret Spheres, power of which are able to destroy illusority of «reality» and move the listener over the boundaries of limits, as it befits the true Black Art ...
Available also:
EPP 004 KARNA - Voron / Raven CD
• • •

E-mail: eternalpride@rambler.ru

Sep. 25th, 2007



Aschenwelt & Chaos Sedated Update

A little late on the update news, but here's the latest up on Aschenwelt:

Toroidh - Tusen Ar
Blood Axis & Robert N. Taylor - Hear My Battle Call
Spiritual Front - We Could Fail Again
Alarm Agents - Tears of the Hunted
Bain Wolfkind - I Only Get Turned On When I Get The Money Out
Dream Into Dust - Wrong Side of the Glass
Haglaz Runedance - On Wings of Rapture

A new track from Toroidh, some classics you may have heard on Chaos Sedated.

Speaking of Chaos Sedated...

Radio Free Satan has shifted to new management and there will be some considerable updates to the network in the coming weeks, including some long awaited features and the return of some we lost over the years.

If you head over to RFS you could download some archived episodes of Chaos Sedated, and the new episode should be there now or shortly.

New episode features artists from APEX Fest II, new material from Conure and Toroidh, and some classics including Control Resistance, Ex.Order, and Genocide Organ.

Sep. 17th, 2007

Grey Wolves


Chaos Sedated Update

New episode is available over at:

Radio Free Satan - Listen Now

There was a technical issue so last week's episode uploaded late, so it will re-run this week.

Northaunt - Barren Land
Bisclaveret - Akeldama XIV
Phragments - Antichristos
Apoptose - Karla
Love is Nothing - Springtime of the Soul
[bleed] - Beautiful Executioner
Bleiburg - Richtfunk Gen Osten
Anenzephalia - Liebombast

Sep. 5th, 2007



New Show on Aschenwelt.com

For the past few weeks I have been producing a new program on Aschenwelt.com.

While the title of my show is still up in the air, the program can be reached under Heathen Panzer in the podcast area. Some may be familiar with my Chaos Sedated show, which will be mainly Dark Ambient, Industrial, and Martial music and will remain an hour long. My show on Aschenwelt will focus on my collection of Neofolk and Martial overtures, and be 30 minutes long.

This week's episode features new music from Apoptose and Naevus, and a couple of classics.

Current Playlist for Week of 09/03:
Apoptose - Violet Silence
Naevus - Kill Your Friends
Strength Through Joy - A Cold November Crime
Tony Wakeford - Cupid & Death

And here are my past playlists:
ArchivesCollapse )

Jul. 24th, 2007


Chaos Sedated: Episode 65

Chaos Sedated
Episode 65
Week of 23 July 07

Featuring new music from Awen, upcoming artists Bólverk, martial hymns from The Lindbergh Baby, and more from Mz. 412 (requested), Turbund Sturmwerk, Crypto Fascist, First Law, Herbst9, Brighter Death Now, and Navicon Torture Technologies.

Download the latest episode here: RFS-To-Go!

Or listen to the stream at Radio Free Satan

Playlist from Episode 64:
Wrong Number - Trinity Test
Galerie Schallschutz - Angels Don't Play This HAARP
Mz. 412 - Inkant 12 SLE
The Grey Wolves - We Don't Care
Isomer - Hanged Mans Orgasm
Ure Thrall - The Lasting Peace That Only War Can Bring
New Risen Throne - Aporrheton

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